Goal Therapy: When in doubt, stop…and play Legos

Posted by: Rebecca.

Are you struggling with how to accomplish a goal?

For me, it’s been a revision I need to make in my book. Lately, I’ve been in a writing funk (GASP!) and have made little progress on it.  Continue reading

Wife, Working Mom, Writer…a.k.a. Wonder Woman

Posted by: Rebecca.

It feels like ages since I’ve sat down with the intention to just write. The tornado that is sometimes called life has run amuck through our house. What do I mean by that? hmm…

Cue the Wonder Woman transformation spinning

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Realm Makers Conference 2014 – encouragement and take-aways

Posted by: Rebecca.

Over the weekend, Bridgett and I had the privilege to attend the 2014 Realm Makers conference. Where do I even begin to share the highlights and my take-aways? Continue reading

Graduating or Growing Dim?

‘Tis the season for diplomas, cardboard caps, and “Pomp and Circumstance”. At least eight of my friends and family members are graduating from High school or college this month.

Recently, I’ve felt a deep longing to graduate too. Not from an academic institution, but to new levels in my faith and in the craft of writing.  Continue reading

Finding Focus: God’s Vision for You

God is the only Light which can give us a true, clear vision for our future: His “high calling” for our life.

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 3:14 (KJV)

The “high calling of God” is different for each of us. It’s His perfect will, His best plan for our life. Our gifts,talents, and passions are unique. But, like a runner, without a clear vision of the finish line, we’ll have no momentum or direction to reach the goal of God’s high calling.

The Lord answered me: “Write down the vision; write it clearly on clay tablets so whoever reads it can run to tell others.” Habakkuk 2:2 (NCV)

How, then, do we discover what that vision is for us personally?  Continue reading

Vision — #2 Jesus’ Light in Action

January is a time for looking ahead. It is a season of setting goals, of determining or fine-tuning our vision for the year.

But, without light, there can be no vision.

That is as true and incontravertable a fact in daily life as it is in the sensory world. Apart from God’s Light, His revealed will and plan for us, we are merely feeling our way through the darkness. Or worse…

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18 (KJV).

The good news? God has a plan. He has a specific vision for each of us, and it’s a good one! He also wants to show it to us. (Jeremiah. 29:11-13 NIV).

So, how do we discover God’s vision for us?

We can learn much from studying natural vision and the functions of what biologists call the visual systemContinue reading