Are You Positioned For A Miracle?

It’s easy to know when we are in need of a miracle. But, if simply asking were enough, miracles would be as common an occurrence as sunrise.

How can we know if our hearts and faith are in the right place to receive what we need?

In a video recently posted on Facebook, Harold Herring outlines ten Scriptural ways to know if you are ready for a miracle. Continue reading


It’s a Case of Love

Have you ever noticed the way young children will hear a phrase and latch onto it for a while? They’ll use that phrase in nearly every conversation, sometimes in the funniest context.

My nine-year-old nephew’s phrase of choice this past weekend was, “in some cases.”

Me: “Do you like that game?”

Nephew: “In some cases.”

Me, after wishing him a happy birthday: “I’m glad you had fun. You know, I think you’re the coolest kid, and I love you.”

Nephew: “Uh huh. In some cases. Yes, yes you do.”

Me: “No. In all cases.”

That conversation made me think of how we often approach prayer. Continue reading

“Celebrating Miracles” Giveaway Extended

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How the Curse Got Reversed

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Scribe’s Playlist: What Faith Can Do

This week, Light’s Scribe is celebrating miracles.

So, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

What Faith Can Do

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Giveaway & Places to Celebrate

Okay, here it is – the giveaway you’ve been waiting for!

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