Who Are You?

Posted by: Rebecca.

We may never have met, but I know who you are… Continue reading

Are You Called to Shine, or to Ignite the Flame in Others?

Posted by: Bridgett.

Purpose. Calling. Ministers and self-help experts say everybody has one.

What’s yours? Have you found it yet?

Do you ever wonder why some people seem called to greatness, while others never hear such a summons?

If you are a Christian, do you feel somehow less “called” because you don’t stand in a pulpit before a stadium of thousands, run a missions team winning souls, or translate Bibles in obscure languages to reach people in forgotten pockets of the world?

What about talent, career, and vocational callings? Are we contributing less light to the world if we never pen the book that changes thousands of lives, or compose a musical score that causes even hardened criminals to weep, or run a company so prosperous it can donate enough money to save entire communities from starvation?

Do you wonder whether there even is, has ever been, or ever will be a calling on your life? Continue reading

Packing light: for a writers’ conference and in life

Posted by: Bridgett.

duffelMy agenda for today: Finish last-minute laundry, pull suitcase down from the top of the coat closet, assemble conference materials, make a list of things to put into that suitcase…

You guessed it, I’m beginning to pack for the upcoming writers’ conference.

As you might expect, I learned a few things the last time I attended a conference. One of the biggest… Continue reading

7 Things I Learned About My Heavenly Father By Watching My Earthly Mother

Mom's coverMy family just celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday with a surprise party. While I was assembling old photos for a slideshow honoring her life, I was reminded of all the ways she has shown me—and others—who God is and the truth of His nature.

The following quote was recently posted on Facebook. I didn’t see an author listed, but I couldn’t have said it better myself…

The light that shines the farthest shines brightest close to home.

Here are just a few of the ways Mom has radiated God’s light and taught me how to do the same.  Continue reading

Truth & Fiction: Why Do Writers Write?

Why do writers write?

Is it to leave a legacy? To begin a conversation across distances? To fulfill the desire to tell a story that can positively effect someone? To challenge ourselves, put into practice what we learn about the craft? To discover or uncover new information or hidden agendas?  to learn something we didn’t know before writing on the subject? As a creative outlet for emotions?

Do we write because we simply enjoy expressing ourselves? Because we have an innate need? Are we so full of words, ideas, or stories that we have to get them out? Or do we write because the voices in our heads drive us crazy if we don’t?

Ask a dozen writers, you’ll get a hundred reasons. But there is one reason at the core of it all.

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8 things my writers’ group learned from author Bryan Davis

Did you know, readers are like ducks?

Bryan-Davis-logo-wp-thI didn’t. That was, until I attended the workshop bestselling author Bryan Davis presented for my writers’ group in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

So, how are readers like ducks? Read on to find out, and to discover 7 other bits of wisdom my fellow writers and I learned.  Continue reading

Flashlight Faith Etiquette

“Hey! Don’t shine that thing in people’s faces.”

If you’ve spent time around children under the age of ten, chances are you said that at least once.

flashlightThe most common response, at least in my experience…”Why?”

What is it with kids and flashlights anyway? Well, to answer the child’s question, we can go with the old, tried and true, “because I said so.” But, that usually just gets us another, “why?”

Instead, let’s look at the real reasons and the purpose for which the flashlight was designed. I think we’ll find more than the do’s and don’ts of childhood play. Continue reading

Getting Noticed

Exposure: 1. presentation to view, especially in an open or public manner. 2. appearance or presentation before the public, as in theater, on television, or in films. 3. (in photography) the intensity of light falling on a photographic film or plate, multiplied by the time for which it is exposed.

I was having dinner with friends and family last night, when the conversation turned to blogging and the internet. We discussed the challenge of finding new, meaningful subjects for online conversation. One of my companions said something that really made me stop and think.

“Getting noticed isn’t about talent or doing something people like. It’s about doing something that causes an extreme reaction.”  Continue reading

Tribute to Mom

It may be cliche to say that no words can describe who my mother is to me, no song can express the emotions her name awakens in my heart, no painting can capture the beauty of her spirit. But, there you have it. Still, the writer in me had to try.

Here, in the words of the song that fits her best and in a few of my own, is a portrait of the greatest blessing God gave me besides His son, my mom. Continue reading