Storm Light

Cloud_in_the_sunlightHave you ever looked closely at a rainbow? Or been mesmerized by the vivid colors of sunlight edging or poking through a storm cloud? A few rays of light can turn the darkest thunderhead into an amazing work of art.

Just as God’s Light can transform the storms in our lives into works of beauty and brilliance.

Cliché? Maybe. Still, no less true.

Okay, but how? Continue reading

Warmth : #3 Jesus’ Light in Action

Ever wonder why we’ve picked one of the coldest months of the year to celebrate love?

I know the history behind Valentine’s Day, but I have another thought. The absence of sunlight produces an absence of warmth. Love’s light provides warmth.

As I was considering which function of natural light to explore for this month’s installment of “Jesus’ Light in Action,” a dilemma arose. Yes, God says He is Light, but He also says He is Love. Since this is February, shouldn’t I be focusing on that aspect of His nature instead? After all, His love is the whole point of our existence.

Then I remembered something I learned in Math class, around the time of the dinosaurs. Continue reading