Dental Derail

Life has a way of pushing our best plans off track.

Recently, I’ve been led to blog about a particular theme each week. Monday evening, I was happily taking notes on posts i’d planned to publish for the next few days. This was going to be a fun subject for me, and I couldn’t wait to discover whether readers would enjoy it as much.

A third molar.

No, this isn't my tooth!

Suddenly, a broken tooth brought my train of thought to a screeching stop.

Pain can make concentration about as easy as pulling teeth. Or, in my case, it can make having a tooth pulled the focus of all your concentration.

My tooth wasn’t alone in its pain party. the next three teeth and that whole side of my head joined the festivities. I think I prayed every way I knew, that night, for healing and pain relief. Finally, the intensity died down and I was able to sleep.  Continue reading