Scribe’s Playlist — Forever

Happy Easter! I invite everyone from every nation to join me in this tribute to the King of All Lands.

So, pull up a seat, share my headphones for a moment, and enjoy…


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Scribe’s Playlist — God’s Not Dead

Easter. Children hear the word and think of colored eggs and candy, bunnies and fancy clothes. For many adults, it brings to mind thoughts of warmer weather, spring air, renewal, and beauty. Christians hear “Easter” and think of Jesus–of love, sacrifice, freedom, and eternal joy.

Scribe's PlaylistEaster celebrates the greatest rescue of all time. When Love conquerd deception, when Life overthrew death, when Light extinguished the power of darkness. Resurrection!

Because He lives, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

God’s Not Dead

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Scribe’s Playlist: I Will Rise

This weekend, we celebrate Jesus’ victory over darkness…FOREVER! He conquered death, humiliating our enemy (Colossians 2:15), then arose. All this, he did, so we could carry His Light & Life within us.

In honor of that victory, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

I Will Rise

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