Live From Realm Makers Part 2 — Tour


Live From Realm Makers Part 1 — the Beginning

The adventure has begun!

My travel companions (two members of my local writers’ group) and I arrived safely in St. Louis at 5 pm Thursday evening. Here is a peek into our first morning.

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Realm Makers Exclusive Updates

The countdown has begun. Just four days until the opening of the first annual Realm Makers conference for Christian speculative fiction. And…Light’s Scribe is hosting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek into the action. Continue reading

Realm Makers

If you are a fan of speculative fiction (sic-fi, fantasy, tales of the supernatural, superhero stories–you know, the weird stuff) AND a Christian, chances are, you’ve at some point felt a bit out of place in either of those groups.

Why is that? Well, that’s a question I’m still trying to wrap my mind around. After all, the most brilliant creater of the strange and supernatural ever is God. Just look at the platypus, for instance.

But, this post isn’t intended as a defense of my favorite genre.

RealmMakerslogoInstead, the point to all my rambling is this…there is finally an organized gathering of people who fall into both groups! A place where we can talk about God and time travel in the same sentence without getting the look. You know, the silent stare that seems to ask “Should I pray for you?” or “What does God have to do with bending the space-time continuum?” Continue reading

Introducing Fantasy Fridays

Light’s Scribe is excited to announce a new posting schedule. This will include the all-new Fantasy Fridays, posts especially geared toward readers and writers of speculative fiction. (Fantasy, Sci-fi, tales of the supernatural, end-times novels, superhero stories, etc.)

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It’s Alive!

I promised myself i’d keep up with this blog, so I’d never have to write one of those “sorry it’s been so long” posts. Then, I fell right off the edge of the World Wide Web! No blogging, no tweets, very little Facebooking.


When I last wrote, it was to announce the winners of the Name-A-Country Contest. Your comments and entries inspired me so well, I fell deeply into my writing and have been trapped in the world of the Seven Lands ever since.

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Name-a-country Contest and Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to be part of the making of a novel? Would it be fun to get one of your ideas “on the map”? Here’s your chance!

For my first Fantasy Fridays post, I’ve decided to hold a country-naming contest. (Yes, I do realize I’m posting this a day late. Not a stellar start to my new schedule, I know.) Continue reading