We’re walking along through life, minding our own business. Then, one day, we realize we’ve stumbled into a rut we never noticed and gotten stuck. How did we fall in? And, how do we get out?  Continue reading

Revealing the Ruts


Scribe’s Playlist: Nothing Is Impossible

What can we expect when our belief is so big, doubt has no room to intrude? What happens when our faith allows God to answer our prayers?

For a brief glimpse into the possible, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

Nothing Is Impossible

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My Life in a Few Verses

The attack of a deadly foe: nearly fatal chronic illness, loss of purpose…

“Enemy, don’t laugh at me. I have fallen, but I will get up again. I sit in the shadow of trouble now, but the Lord will be a light for me.” Micah 7:8

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” 2 Corinthians 4:7-9

The message of hope from my King…

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Scribe’s Playlist: What Faith Can Do

This week, Light’s Scribe is celebrating miracles.

So, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

What Faith Can Do

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Happily Ever After?

“Every person’s life is a fairytale written by God’s fingers.”                                                                                            — Hans Christian Anderson (1805-1875)

If that’s true, where’s my happily ending?

Happily ever after, even in fairy tales, didn’t mean “trouble never after”. It just meant the characters found a joy more powerful than trouble. “I  have learned the secret of being happy at all times. If I am full of food and have all I need, I am happy. If I am hungry and need more, I am happy.” Philippians 4:12 (NLV) The kind of joy that defies circumstance can only come from God. (Philippians 4:4-7)

So, maybe we’ve accepted that, even embraced it. Saint-like contentment is an admirable goal. Maybe we even hope to one day go to Heaven. Surely that’s our happily ending.

But, real happy ever after, here? Now? In the midst of the darkness of this life? Isn’t that notion just make believe? Continue reading

Life’s No Fairy Tale — Or Is It?

Picture of the castle of Sleeping Beauty in Th...

Like many, my love of stories began with fairy tales. By the time I was four, I’d memorized Cinderella from my collection of Disney books so thoroughly, I would correct any adult who missed a word when reading it to me. As I grew older, fairy tales remained one of my favorite forms of literature.

I supposed that explains why, as a writer, I was drawn to the fantasy genre.

Often, though, “fairy tale” takes on a negative meaning. When asking a friend about a movie I haven’t yet seen, I’ll sometimes received the disappointed response “Oh, it was, you know, a fairy tale.” Meaning: “It was the same old sappy story with a happy ending too predictable to be satisfying.”

Such movies or stories can leave an audience feeling bored or cheated. The conflict is either solved too easily or feels contrived. The characters lack depth, or there is no element of surprise. “Who wants to read or watch that?” we ask. After all, real life is no fairy tale.

Or is it?

I believe, if we take an honest look at the elements common to fairy tales, we’ll see parallels with our own lives. Fairy tales are not merely the fluffy, sweetness-and-light stories often associated with the term.  Continue reading

Dental Derail

Life has a way of pushing our best plans off track.

Recently, I’ve been led to blog about a particular theme each week. Monday evening, I was happily taking notes on posts i’d planned to publish for the next few days. This was going to be a fun subject for me, and I couldn’t wait to discover whether readers would enjoy it as much.

A third molar.

No, this isn't my tooth!

Suddenly, a broken tooth brought my train of thought to a screeching stop.

Pain can make concentration about as easy as pulling teeth. Or, in my case, it can make having a tooth pulled the focus of all your concentration.

My tooth wasn’t alone in its pain party. the next three teeth and that whole side of my head joined the festivities. I think I prayed every way I knew, that night, for healing and pain relief. Finally, the intensity died down and I was able to sleep.  Continue reading

God Cares About the Little Things, Because He Cares About Us

I stumbled across these two videos, which speak to the theme God has given me for this week. He cares about the little things in our lives, because He cares about us. I hope you’ll enjoy them.  Continue reading

“Jesus is the only one that can illuminate to us what is and isn’t important throughout each day’s pursuit – throughout our life’s pursuit.”

-Pastor Tim Burt Continue reading

Illuminating What’s Important