Afraid of the Light?

Posted by: Bridgett.

“The baby bat

Screamed out in fright,

‘Turn on the dark,

I’m afraid of the light.”

                   ― Shel Silverstein

Have you ever been afraid of the dark?

I think most of us have, at least sometime during childhood. Many kids I’ve known feel they must have a closet light, night light, or hallway light on to even have a chance of closing their eyes and falling asleep.

Understandable. After all, darkness hides or distorts the true nature of the things around us. A pair of jeans on a chair morphs into a monster. A robe on a peg suddenly resembles that sheet-clad ghost on Scooby Doo. And if it’s really dark, who knows what may be lying in wait under the bed?

But have you ever known someone who was afraid of the light?  Continue reading

God’s Light Shines in the Darkness

Light shines in darkness

The Bible teaches that God is light. (1 john 1:5, and other passages). But what does that mean to us?

The following video explores God’s nature as light and His ability to shine within us through Jesus. The narrator discusses this in spiritual tens and relates the concept to natural light and the electromagnetic spectrum. Continue reading

Flashlight Faith Etiquette

“Hey! Don’t shine that thing in people’s faces.”

If you’ve spent time around children under the age of ten, chances are you said that at least once.

flashlightThe most common response, at least in my experience…”Why?”

What is it with kids and flashlights anyway? Well, to answer the child’s question, we can go with the old, tried and true, “because I said so.” But, that usually just gets us another, “why?”

Instead, let’s look at the real reasons and the purpose for which the flashlight was designed. I think we’ll find more than the do’s and don’ts of childhood play. Continue reading

Scribe’s Playlist — In Jesus’ Name

Earlier this week, I posted the story of how a friend’s decision to text me the hilarious name of a pastry late at night saved my life. The truth is, as funny as that name was, she would never ordinarily send it to me at 1:00 a.m.

Because we pray for each other daily, her heart was open to hear the whisper-soft prompting of God. Thus, though I am thankful for her quirky sense of humor and cool head in the midst of an emergency, it was God’s perfectly timed nudge that saved me. Even before we knew anything was wrong, His hand was protecting me.

So, in thanks to Him, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

In Jesus’ Name Continue reading

Storm Light

Cloud_in_the_sunlightHave you ever looked closely at a rainbow? Or been mesmerized by the vivid colors of sunlight edging or poking through a storm cloud? A few rays of light can turn the darkest thunderhead into an amazing work of art.

Just as God’s Light can transform the storms in our lives into works of beauty and brilliance.

Cliché? Maybe. Still, no less true.

Okay, but how? Continue reading

Back From the Void

Yes, Light’s Scribe still lives!

The menace of the blank page (er, screen) is subdued. The empty inkwell of inspiration is replenished. Blogger’s block is conquered.

At least, that’s the Scribe’s current battle cry.

Who’s with me?

I never would have imagined it was possible to have writer’s block and a flood of inspiration at the same time. I mean, aren’t those exact opposites? But, that’s precisely what happened the past few weeks. Continue reading

Scribe’s Playlist: We Are

This week’s theme seems to have become Ephesians 5:13-15, in one translation or other. With that in mind, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

We Are

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Lessons From a Skinny, Scary, Scurrying…Something

I’ve never been a fan of bugs.

Aside from the usual reasons to dislike insects, there is the matter of my limited vision. Coordination not being my greatest gift, I’m sure my attempts to squash or scoop up those masters of evasion are a great source of amusement to them. It’s rare that I can even tell what kind of creepy crawly has invaded my world. Imagine suddenly spotting this dark, shapeless blob moving…by itself…across a surface that shouldn’t have things moving by themselves on it.

Questions shiver through my mind: Does it have a stinger? Can it bite? Will it fly at me if I try to get rid of it?

One night, several years ago, I had more reason than usual to ask those questions and a few others. Continue reading