Tribute to Mom

It may be cliche to say that no words can describe who my mother is to me, no song can express the emotions her name awakens in my heart, no painting can capture the beauty of her spirit. But, there you have it. Still, the writer in me had to try.

Here, in the words of the song that fits her best and in a few of my own, is a portrait of the greatest blessing God gave me besides His son, my mom. Continue reading

Scribe’s Playlist — Call the Man

Does happily ever after feel about as possible for you as riding to work on a unicorn? The protagonist of my novel would agree with you. Until she discovered the author of our life’s story plotted a here-on-Earth happy ending for the Steptsister(s) and Beast(s), just as he did for the Cinderella(s) and Beauty(s).

I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

Call The Man

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Scribe’s Playlist — Oh Holy Night

Though this series of posts normally features music which inspired me along the journey of writing my novel, today I’m sharing something different. This song has no bearing on the novel, but is my favorite Christmas song. I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…  Continue reading