You Be the Scribe: Poll and Giveaway

It’s giveaway time at Light’s Scribe!

A few weeks ago, we posted our plans to try out and evaluate new types of blog content, all leading to your chance to help us choose and to win a fun prize. Here’s an excerpt…

quill and inkwellYour friendly internet Scribes are on a quest to bring you the kind of content that you will find encouraging, uplifting, helpful, or just plain fun. To do that more effectively, (…) we will run a poll, asking which types of content you prefer.

Will you want us to continue posting music that inspires us? Would you benefit from a writing tip each week? Do you like encouraging or light-inspired quotes? Are the devotional-style or humorous articles we share at the beginning of the week your favorites? Or is it the “Fantasy Friday” writing- and speculative fiction-related content you prefer?

How can you join this quest? What are the choices, and more importantly, what’s the prize?  Continue reading