Lighten Up!

Posted by: Rebecca.

Our family has been in a busy and interesting season. Almost three years ago, my husband and I decided it was time for him to make a career change. The path he chose?
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Are you guilty?

Posted by: Rebecca.

You’re running late to a friend’s party, you had to stop and pick up a bag of chips. Of course, the only grocery check-out lane that’s open is the one with a woman, her screaming baby, a toddler who keeps trying to run off, and two weeks worth of groceries on the conveyor belt. You: Continue reading

“You write what?” A Speculative Fiction writer’s answer.

Posted by: Rebecca.

It’s interesting to me when people find out you’re a writer, they get excited and the first question they ask, “What do you write?”  When I answer speculative fiction, the question, and their excitement, turns inside out and shape shifts into, “You write what?” Continue reading

Help! The Scribe’s need something to read.

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Caught in a downpour without an umbrella?

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He sat on the couch, feet propped up by the wooden coffee table, the remote pointed at the television. He flexed his jaw and continued surfing the channels for anything that would give him hope that, somewhere in this world, good was still happening. Continue reading

A new scribe adds her pen to our quest

A new scribe adds her pen to our quest to share tales of God’s Light at work.

The Light’s Scribe blog welcomes author Rebecca Bergren as a permanent contributor. Be sure to return for this week’s Fantasy Friday and read her debut post “Cross Training for Writers.” Her wit and humor are sure to inspire and entertain, even if writing is not your chosen field.

How a pastry recipe saved my life

We’ve all heard the old cliché, “laughter is the best medicine”, but did you know it can save a life?

I discovered it can. The hard way.

To set the stage for this tale, I have two words for you. Nun farts.

nuns_farts3t-2tNo, this blog is not degenerating into potty humor or disrespecting ladies who have devoted their lives to serving God and mankind. This is the actual name of a pastry. Or rather, its translation. And that little tidbit was responsible for getting me the medical attention I needed during a life-threatening emergency.

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“When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things [1 Cor. 13:11], including the fear of childishness.” — C. S. Lewis

My thanks to Speculative Faith (, a blog for those who write or enjoy Christian science fiction and fantasy, for posting this quote. Those who know me, know how well it fits!

Too Wise to Grow Up

Revisions, Revisions: A New Year’s Resolve

Here, on the eve of a brand new year, many of us are thinking about change. What we want to change about our habits, our circumstances, or ourselves.

According to one set of statistics, about 40-45% of American adults make New Year’s resolutions. Most common are; lose weight, eliminate debt or save money, quit smoking, exercise more, take vacations, learn a new skill – and, for many Christians, study the Bible more often.

Change is part of life. It is how we grow and improve. It’s how we move forward.

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