Eternity, God’s Kingdom, Light, and…Physics?

Re-blogged from: Reflections By Mettabel

What does physics have to do with the kingdom of God?

What happens when we stand in the presence of God’s glory?

How can God’s command “Let there be light” impact our daily lives?

MettabelBlogger, poet, physician, and author of biblical historical fiction Mettabel Okulaja explored these concepts yesterday on her blog. Here’s an excerpt: 

As the speed of light is approached, time slows down. When the threshold of light is breached by speed, time gets swallowed up by eternity, resulting in IMMEDIATE access to the past, present and future, without end. This phenomenon is exactly what happened to the disciples on the mount of transfiguration – They saw the Light of the World revealed in His glory, and they stepped out of time and right into eternity!

To discover how we, too, can experience God’s timelessness in the here and now, watch her thought-provoking video post, “Let there be Light!

Your turn to Shed Your Light below…

What do you think of this connection between eternity and the effects of approaching the speed of light?

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