Finding Your Writer’s Voice: Part 1

Posted by: Bridgett.

One of the most sought-after attributes of fiction and its writers, according to agents and editors, is a unique voice. Readers, too, look for this elusive quality in books, though many don’t realize they are doing so.

What is a writer’s voice? Perhaps more importantly, how can authors find or develop theirs?

In this 2-part installment of our series, 6 Elements of a Great Novel, based on our post by the same title, I will attempt to answer these questions. 

Part 1

I’m pleased to share with you a video that covers this topic in a rather unique voice of its own. In this installment of his video series “The Writer’s Conquest,” presenter Thomas A. Fowler uses humor, a quirky style, and even video game graphics to convey his tips on establishing a unique voice.

He discusses:

  • Defining your author voice
  • Taking risks
  • Using appropriate voice for your readers
  • Writing what you love

Stay tuned next week for Part 2, in which we will return to the story of half-human, half space alien Diviak to outline specific tips for creating your unique writer’s voice.

Your turn to Shed Your Light below…

Which authors have captivated you with their unique or engaging writing styles? Are there some authors whose voice or style annoys you?

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About the author:

Bridgett's promo2Bridgett Powers has defied the limitations of impaired vision and overcome a 21-year battle against chronic pain, all of which taught her a profound truth. God shines brightest through cracked lanterns.

Now, she shares that truth through her fantasy novels, picture book, and short stories. A member of ACFW and MyBookTherapy, she also serves as co-leader and writing coach for her writer’s group, operates a proofreading and editing service, and teaches writing workshops.

About Bridgett

fantasy novelist ~ picture book and short story author ~ freelance editor ~ writing coach

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