Who Are You?

Posted by: Rebecca.

We may never have met, but I know who you are…

You are valuable in the eyes of God.

Precious. A treasure worth saving.

A Masterpiece.


Worth fighting for. (Psalm 34, 35, 37)


There are so many voices that try to define who we are and how we should live. Not all of them are encouraging. Take some time, and listen to what God says about you.

Your turn to Shed Your Light below…

What else does God say about who we are?

About the author:

RebeccaRebecca Bergren is a writer with the ability to redefine clichés and travel through time with the mysterious, quirky cast of her novels. Life’s lessons have also inspired her to weave a message of hope and God’s restoration power into her heartwarming screenplays and humorous short pieces.

Rebecca is a member of ACFW, MyBookTherapy, Write Now Writers’ Group, and Writing Craft Girls critique circle. She lives in Minnesota with one fabulous man, three spunky kids, and a marshmallow-eating Labrador.


About Rebecca

Novelist, screenwriter, devourer of books, homeschool mom

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