Goal Therapy: When in doubt, stop…and play Legos

Posted by: Rebecca.

Are you struggling with how to accomplish a goal?

For me, it’s been a revision I need to make in my book. Lately, I’ve been in a writing funk (GASP!) and have made little progress on it. 

I’ve spent plenty of time staring at a my computer screen, longing for words to magically flow through my fingertips. Only, the cursor sits blinking and the page stays blank. My mind, on a million other things. Welcome to my last few weeks of attempting to work on my book. (Please tell me I’m not the only writer who’s dealt with this.)

Then…two smiling faces I can’t resist would rescue me, asking me to read books or play Legos. We ended up with things like Toady riding a Lego motorcycle and a family project making a Fairy Garden. (3 of my favorite things: My kids, books, and Legos)Toady Motorcycle

I love writing, and take time to do something with it each day. Whether it’s helping a friend with an idea, working on a blog, learning more about the craft, or just reading a book. But, I’ve been beating myself up where writing my book is concerned. (It’s hard not to compare yourself to other writers and what they are doing.)

The upside, I’ve been reminded of how taking time away from a project can be a good thing. I may not be in the thick of the revision I want to complete, but not all is wasted. In fact, I think I’ve gained!

Fairy Garden

I’ve read some good and not so good books, brainstormed and helped other writers with their projects, helped my sweet mother-in-law move (I’m blessed with a good one), and tackled my “To Do List”.  Plus, the time spent enjoying my family is something I treasure. (My kids give me great material.) 😉

All of which has helped me put things in the right perspective, reminded me to cast my cares, and enabled me to concentrate when I do sit down to write or read.

Your turn to Shed Your Light below…

Do you ever need “Goal Therapy”? What helps you regain perspective?

About the author:

RebeccaRebecca Bergren is a writer with the ability to redefine clichés and travel through time with the mysterious, quirky cast of her novels. Life’s lessons have also inspired her to weave a message of hope and God’s restoration power into her heartwarming screenplays and humorous short pieces.

Rebecca is a member of ACFW, MyBookTherapy, Write Now Writers’ Group, and Writing Craft Girls critique circle. She lives in Minnesota with one fabulous man, three spunky kids, and a marshmallow-eating Labrador.


About Rebecca

Novelist, screenwriter, devourer of books, homeschool mom

2 thoughts on “Goal Therapy: When in doubt, stop…and play Legos

  1. mzpresser says:

    You’re not the only one friend! My editor gave me great advice the other day. Baby steps. Babies don’t come out of the womb walking. We must go through the journey like they do. Start with just one word, then two, then three, then a sentence. God will give you the words. They are His anyway 🙂 Enjoy the journey and fellowship you get the privilege of experiencing when you are engaged in the gift of writing that he gave to you. Let Him be with you. God bless your journey 🙂

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