Are You Called to Shine, or to Ignite the Flame in Others?

Posted by: Bridgett.

Purpose. Calling. Ministers and self-help experts say everybody has one.

What’s yours? Have you found it yet?

Do you ever wonder why some people seem called to greatness, while others never hear such a summons?

If you are a Christian, do you feel somehow less “called” because you don’t stand in a pulpit before a stadium of thousands, run a missions team winning souls, or translate Bibles in obscure languages to reach people in forgotten pockets of the world?

What about talent, career, and vocational callings? Are we contributing less light to the world if we never pen the book that changes thousands of lives, or compose a musical score that causes even hardened criminals to weep, or run a company so prosperous it can donate enough money to save entire communities from starvation?

Do you wonder whether there even is, has ever been, or ever will be a calling on your life?

Purpose is one of the central themes in my first novel and of this blog. To quote Light’s Scribe’s homepage, “Every lantern is created with a purpose, even the broken ones.”

But what if you aren’t the character who is destined to save the kingdom or defeat the evil sorceress? What if you’re the village scribe whose only contribution to the battle is dropping a heavy book on the head of the villain’s minion, or the innkeeper who serves a meal to the weary hero during his journey, or the neighbor who tells the despondent heroine to dry her tears and forge ahead? Are you any less vital to the story?

I say, not at all.

Photo credit: Kosura Photography.

Photo credit: Kosura Photography.

When we see rainbows of light pouring from a handmade Tiffany lamp, the diamond-like facets in a crystal chandelier, or the intricate, luminous patterns in a complex display of Christmas lights, do we think, “How lovely are all those copper wires, sockets, and filaments?” What about the fuel burned to create the electricity that pulses through those brilliant light fixtures? Do we look at them and consider the beauty of the coal, natural gas, water, or oil?

All we see is the light.

But without those wires we always try to conceal from view, without that messy coal or smelly gas, our world would be dull and dark.

“It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but that you are a conductor of light. Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle

Someone gave the greatest artist her first paintbrush. Someone listened to the first squeaks of the master saxophonist’s student horn and called it beautiful. Someone taught the world-renowned evangelist how to read or gave him his first Bible. Someone gave that philanthropist her first job at the fast food restaurant. Someone lovingly scolded the depressed future poet, giving him the courage to write timeless verses that would lift generations of hearts from despair.

Someone was called by God to strike the match that ignited the flame in this cracked lantern’s heart.

That someone could be you.

Let us live every day, perform every deed, as if called to do so by God. (Colossians 3:23) Thus, we just might fuel the light of greatness someone else is commissioned to carry to the world. That may be the greatest calling of all.

Your turn to Shed Your Light below..

Has someone specific fueled the light of hope or success in you? We want to hear your story.

About the author:

Bridgett's promo2Bridgett Powers has defied the limitations of impaired vision and overcome a 21-year battle against chronic pain, all of which taught her a profound truth. God shines brightest through cracked lanterns.

Now, she shares that truth through her fantasy novels, picture book, and short stories. A member of ACFW and MyBookTherapy, she also serves as co-leader and writing coach for her writer’s group, operates a proofreading and editing service, and teaches writing workshops.

About Bridgett

fantasy novelist ~ picture book and short story author ~ freelance editor ~ writing coach

4 thoughts on “Are You Called to Shine, or to Ignite the Flame in Others?

  1. Thanks, Bridgett. I needed that today.

  2. Denise Thornton Daily Devotionals linked to this post in the article: “God Is The Only One Able To Crack Hardened Hearts”

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