Help wanted: blog content feedback & giveaway

Your friendly internet Scribes are on a quest to bring you the kind of content that you will find encouraging, uplifting, helpful, or just plain fun. To do that more effectively, we need your help.

We’ve been monitoring stats, watching for shares on Facebook and Twitter, asking questions, keeping up with which types of posts seem to impact viewers most…all in an effort to make this blog a place that will help us all grow and increase our joy. Over the next few weeks, we will experiment to determine what, if any, changes to make.

For those who help us reach these decisions, there’s a prize at the end of the road!

Here’s how it will work…

During the month of June, we will try out various new types of content for our mid-week posts. Sometimes we may stick with the usual “Scribe’s Playlist” music videos. Some weeks we may post a writing tip or encouraging quote of  the week instead (or some other type of post we haven’t settled on yet.)

At the end of this experimental period, we will run a poll, asking which types of content you prefer. Will you want us to continue posting music that inspires us? Would you benefit from a writing tip each week? Do you like encouraging or light-inspired quotes? Are the devotional-style or humorous articles we share at the beginning of the week your favorites? Or is it the “Fantasy Friday” writing- and speculative fiction-related content you prefer?

Keep all these in mind as you check in over the next month and be ready to cast your votes it the poll. Those who participate will be entered into a drawing for a prize. (Nope, I’m not saying what it is yet. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what the mystery gift will be. That’s part of the fun!)

We will also enter the names of those who may wish to leave their opinions in the comments section anytime throughout the month. Just note that your feedback is for the content poll and you’ll have another entry in the giveaway.

Thanks for your help, and…

Don’t forget to Shed Your Light below…

About Bridgett

fantasy novelist ~ picture book and short story author ~ freelance editor ~ writing coach

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