Scribe’s Playlist — Light Up the Sky

Scribe's PlaylistGod is Light. But, it can sometimes be difficult to see or feel His presence through the darkness of our circumstances. The good news is, like physical light which exists beyond the visible spectrum, He is always there.

So, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

Light Up the Sky

Recording Artist: The Alters

Key Lyrics:

When stars are hiding in the clouds, I don’t feel them shining

When I can’t see beyond my doubt, the silver lining

When I’ve almost reached the edge

Like a flood you’re rushing in. Your love is rushing in.

Light, light, light up the sky, to show me you are with me.

I, I, I can’t deny, no I can’t deny that you are right here with me.

You’ve opened my eyes, so I can see you all around me

My inspiration: In the second book of my fantasy series, one of the main characters finds herself alone in a place where no one else serves God (the King of All Lands). Her only copy of the Bible has been destroyed, and she has no one to talk with who can help her keep her faith strong. In a desperate hour, she cries out to God for assurance of His presence. This song is one of several I listen to when working on that section of the novel.

How has God revealed His presence to you in the midst of dark times?

About Bridgett

fantasy novelist ~ picture book and short story author ~ freelance editor ~ writing coach

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