Realm Makers Exclusive Updates

The countdown has begun. Just four days until the opening of the first annual Realm Makers conference for Christian speculative fiction. And…Light’s Scribe is hosting an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek into the action.

This is a season of firsts: the first ever conference exclusively for writers and readers of Christian spec. fic., my first writer’s conference, and the first video blog ever posted on Light’s Scribe!

Oh, this site has shared videos in the past, sure. But, those were all created by other brilliant minds. Here is your chance to not only get the inside scoop on this ground-breaking conference, but also to meet the Scribe, live and on camera. I know, scary, right?

RealmMakerslogoFor my travel companions and me, the adventure begins early Thursday, August 1, as we travel to St. Louis. The plan is to document our arrival and, if time permits, fun bits of footage from the conference. I can’t promise all updates will be on video, but standard posts and photos will be shared at the very least.

Thus, this week’s posting schedule will run differently from the norm. Fantasy Friday will become Fantasy Weekend, with updates and/or videos posted as soon as we can produce them.

Be sure to stay tuned here and at the Unknown Blog for shared posts and updates.

As always, your prayers and feedback will be most appreciated.

What are your conference experiences? (In any field or area of interest)

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