Introducing…The Unknown Writer!

Today, on Fantasy Friday, an aspiring speculative fiction author has chosen to honor us by launching her brand new blog and website right here on Light’s Scribe.

Rebecca Bergren, author of the Unknown Trilogy (working title), specializes in quirky, timeless, heartfelt fiction. Think Janet Evonovich meets Nicholas Sparks, with just enough steampunk thrown in to ramp up the mystery. Her spunky, eccentric characters and gift for redefining cliches are sure to have future readers laughing out loud, even while on the edges of their seats.

To learn more about Rebecca and her books, see her website,, or simply follow the link below to her blog.

Without further delay, here’s a teaser for Rebecca’s first blog post. Enjoy!

Are you going to let the fear of failure stop you?

Rebecca's binder Ever wonder if your dreams are going to come true? Do you wonder if you even have a dream?

I did for a long time. Then, one day a Voice asked me, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” (Yes, I do listen to the voices in my head. They give me great material. You should try it sometime.)

My answer? Click here to find out and to discover how that one little question changed my life.

Beware, it just might change yours too.

(This post courtesy of The Unknown Blog.)


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