Scribes Playlist — Alive Again

Scribe's PlaylistI’ve searched through my playlists for a song to match the theme of the wonderful video posted here on Tuesday. Several themes stood out to me after watching it, and I finally settle upon one: if we truly long for God’s presence, He will break through any darkness we allow in our lives to reach us, sometimes in startling ways.

With that in mind, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

Alive Again

Recording Artist: Matt Maher

Key Lines:

You shattered my darkness

Washed away my blindness

Now I’m breathin’ in and breathin’ out

I’m alive again

My Inspiration: This song is on my playlist of inspiration for my first novel. It reminds me of the struggle and journey one of my main characters undergoes throughout the book, and it depicts the power of God’s light, his intervention, to free us from every form of darkness. An added bonus about this video version…many of the images depicted here could be scenes from that book’s settings. The light breaking through the gloom of a forest, turning dark trees to vibrant greens–or rays of brightness filtering into a cave, the small but unmistakable beacon to show the way.

Your turn: 1. Has there been a time when God has gotten your attention in such a strong, almost shocking, way that it seemed He was shattering the darkness around you? Or…2. If you’ve read my first book, which character do you think this song fits?

Be sure to post your answers below or on my Facebook page

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2 thoughts on “Scribes Playlist — Alive Again

  1. RBergren says:

    Great fits his story very well.

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