Realm Makers

If you are a fan of speculative fiction (sic-fi, fantasy, tales of the supernatural, superhero stories–you know, the weird stuff) AND a Christian, chances are, you’ve at some point felt a bit out of place in either of those groups.

Why is that? Well, that’s a question I’m still trying to wrap my mind around. After all, the most brilliant creater of the strange and supernatural ever is God. Just look at the platypus, for instance.

But, this post isn’t intended as a defense of my favorite genre.

RealmMakerslogoInstead, the point to all my rambling is this…there is finally an organized gathering of people who fall into both groups! A place where we can talk about God and time travel in the same sentence without getting the look. You know, the silent stare that seems to ask “Should I pray for you?” or “What does God have to do with bending the space-time continuum?”

Christian readers and writers of speculative fiction have the opportunity to attend the first ever Realm Makers conference in St. Louis, MO. Yep, you guessed it, I will be there! A couple friends from my writers’ group and I plan to drive down on August 2. (Er, well, they’ll be driving, obviously. That car with auto-pilot on my wish list is still in a book somewhere.)

What is Realm Makers?

A writers’ conference and more. Editors, agents, highly successful authors (including Bryan Davis, whose book I reviewed last week), and other industry professionals will present workshops and serve on panels. Topics will include: writing believable battle scenes (I need that one!), world-building (my favorite part of writing fantasy), real science in sci-fi, and much more.

For full details, click the link above.

Besides getting to meet some of my favorite authors, the best part, and the scariest, is…I get to pitch my book to editors and agents. The thought sends my heart rate into hyperdrive.

That’s one reason I’m rambling as I write this, I’m tired from preparing for my first writers’ conference. Want an exclusive sneak peek into my day? Here’s my most recent to-do list.

to do__submit choices for editor appointments

__ Chapter outlines

__2 page synopsis

__prepare one-sheet

X design business cards

X launch website

X remember to blog consistently

X launch FB page

X proof Chapters 2 & 3

__print chapters 1-3, 2 copies

__edit remaining chapters (16 to go)

__get costume for banquet (Miss a chance to play dress-up? No way! I’m convinced we writers of the “weird stuff” are just kids who refuse to grow up.)

__ sleep (optional)

I can get all this done in the next three weeks, right? Seriously, though, my frieends and I would greatly appreciate your prayers as we take this next giant step in the writer’s journey. Stay tuned for updates.


Official logo posted from Realm Makers site.

Your turn. Have you ever attended a writer’s conference? Any advice? Or, for readers…what are your thoughts on Christian speculative fiction?

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