Introducing Fantasy Fridays

Light’s Scribe is excited to announce a new posting schedule. This will include the all-new Fantasy Fridays, posts especially geared toward readers and writers of speculative fiction. (Fantasy, Sci-fi, tales of the supernatural, end-times novels, superhero stories, etc.)

Keep reading for a complete schedule and the first installment of Fantasy Fridays!

Posting Schedule:

Tuesdays: Light Devotions: More of what you’re used to from Light’s Scribe…Stories, devotionals, and articles related to God’s Light at work in us.

Thursdays: Scribe’s Playlist: This is still the place to find music videos either related to the theme of that Tuesday’s post or from the collection of songs which inspire my writing.

Fridays: Fantasy Fridays: Book reviews, author interviews, links and events, trivia, and any other interesting tidbits related to the enjoyment or writing of clean, family-friendly speculative fiction. Here is also where occasional contests and updates related to the Scribe’s own works-in-progress can be found.

Today’s Fantasy Friday:

As a fan of speculative fiction, I’ve often found the search for a truly good book difficult. While the genres included in this category boast a vast array of titles, too many contain content with which I don’t wish to fill my mind. A pitfall not often avoidable just by reading the back cover.

So, how do I find a good fantasy, for example, which won’t leave me with unwanted images?

specfaith_subscribeOne of the best resources I’ve found is the library of a fantastic blog: Speculative Faith.

The entire site is devoted to readers and writers of speculative fiction presented from a Christian worldview. Discussions, reviews, book listings, contests…. It’s one of the few blogs I read without fail. Their library is fully searchable, too.

I hope this aids you in your quest to discover new worlds of fiction enjoyment!

How do you find a good book?


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