It’s Alive!

I promised myself i’d keep up with this blog, so I’d never have to write one of those “sorry it’s been so long” posts. Then, I fell right off the edge of the World Wide Web! No blogging, no tweets, very little Facebooking.


When I last wrote, it was to announce the winners of the Name-A-Country Contest. Your comments and entries inspired me so well, I fell deeply into my writing and have been trapped in the world of the Seven Lands ever since.

Not a bad place to get marooned, when it’s the fictional continent in which your fantasy trilogy is set, right? Thing is, there’s no modern technology in the Seven Lands. No electricity. No internet. Not even a microwave!

My characters finally gave me leave to surface — just long enough to let my friends in cyberspace know I haven’t been executed by sorcerer tyrants, fallen afoul of some dark creature, or been turned into anything strange by warrior faeries mistaking me for an enemy. Whew!

Shhh, just don’t let them read my notes for the ending of the trilogy. They might change their minds.

Yep, I’ve even written the ending of the third book since that last post.

Haven’t finished half the second one yet, but still…

For those who may be curious, here’s a progress update. I think I was struggling with chapter three of the second book when I posted the contest. Now, I’m finishing chapters nine, ten, and eleven. Yes, all at once. My brain likes to chapter hop lately. Oh, and I’m plotting away at book three, while researching more markets for book one.

All that to say, in the immortal words of Arnold, “I’m back!” Just don’t be surprised if a bit of archaic language creeps into my posts once in a while.

What’s been going on in your world since, um, May?


About Bridgett

fantasy novelist ~ picture book and short story author ~ freelance editor ~ writing coach

2 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

  1. rbergren says:

    🙂 Looking forward to more posts from you and more from the Seven Lands! Love you!

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