Unknownland Unmasked!

We have a winner!

….or two.

The results are in. The “Name-a-country Contest” has succeeded. The final realm of the Seven Lands has found its way onto the map, with your help!

The contest entries read like a collection of mini stories. The ideas were so creative and well-imagined, I couldn’t settle on just one. So, what could I do but combine two of them, with a snippet of a third?

Thanks to Matthew and Littlemissmommy, I am pleased to introduce The Commonwealth of Opali. Capitol city, Twinsforde.

East of a mighty river, lies a strip of coastal land known for the mining and working of precious metals. Off the coast, a series of islands completes the commonwealth’s holdings. The islands boast mines rich in gemstones.

The two most unique and valuable materials mined in Opali are fordenite, strongest metal in the Seven Lands, and eurwenium (based on one of Rebecca’s entries), a metal resembling gold. Weapons fashioned of fordenite never break or grow dull. Eurwenium is purer in substance than gold and never tarnishes or needs to be polished. It was so beautiful, its discovers believed it to be fashioned by the hand of God, and superstition arose among the Opalese that anything made from it was blessed.

The Prize

Okay, so that’s all nice, but….what do they win?

I suppose I’ve kept you all guessing long enough. (Perhaps one of my ancestors hails from Drew’s Paradoxicon, land of mystery.)

Congratulations, Matthew and Littlemissmommy! You’ve won the keys to the kingdom, along with a bit of land. This keychain holds a key, representing your founding of the Commonwealth of Opali, along with a vial of sand. Well, the sand isn’t actually from Opali, of course. It is from another country dear to most of our hearts, Israel.

Thank you, everyone who entered! Your ideas were truly inspired and inspiring.

To read the complete descriptions of the winning entries and all others, click here and scroll down to the comments section.

Which was your favorite entry? Why?


About Bridgett

fantasy novelist ~ picture book and short story author ~ freelance editor ~ writing coach

2 thoughts on “Unknownland Unmasked!

  1. Matthew says:

    Sweet! I like the prize 🙂 Very cool; will have to keep it someplace special! Congrats to you too, ‘Littlemissmommy’! Great ideas everyone else! Know that you have all participated in contributing to a future best-seller 🙂 And thank you, Bridgett for hosting this contest! It was fun!

  2. Drew C says:

    Congratulations to Matthew, Rebecca, and Littlemissmommy. I like the combination of ideas on Bridgett’s part. I look forward to reading about it.

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