Name-a-country Contest and Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to be part of the making of a novel? Would it be fun to get one of your ideas “on the map”? Here’s your chance!

For my first Fantasy Fridays post, I’ve decided to hold a country-naming contest. (Yes, I do realize I’m posting this a day late. Not a stellar start to my new schedule, I know.)

What’s wrong with building the world of a fantasy series around seven countries? Nothing, unless the author has only named six of them. That’s where you come in.

While a, dare I say “supernaturally”, gifted artist begins work on a map for my trilogy-in-progress, I invite you to submit potential names for the country currently hiding beneath the embarrassing moniker,  Unknownland.

What’s in a name?

I’ll even supply a few helpful tips. Each of the other countries in this series has a name that reflects its personalities, for lack of a better word. One land is known for its love of music, with towns like Harmon and a king named Luteson. There is a shipping empire, riddled with canals, lakes, and coastal inlets. Another country is famed for its theatrical arts. Jungles comprise the landscape of one land, while another’s name celebrates the heavens.

So, feel free to get creative. If you invent names associated with a theme, please indicate that in your comment.

Now for the good stuff.

Contest duration: I’m thinking we’ll leave it open two weeks, to give all those ingenious minds out there time to concoct some truly inspired ideas.

The prize? Well, you’ll have to check back to find out!

We writers do love our evil cliffhangers. Mwahahahaha!

Fear not, I shan’t leave you in suspense for long.

Comment to get your idea on the map!


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9 thoughts on “Name-a-country Contest and Giveaway

  1. Kawan says:



  2. Indigonia – A land known for its exceptional arts in dying fabric, yarn, and wool. They sell their dyed cloth near and far. They are best known for the deep shade of Indigo they achieve, which is much darker than the fabrics from the surrounding lands.

  3. Matthew says:

    The land of Twinsforde – home of the mighty miners and their precious ores of silver and a rare, extremely strong metal called ‘fordenite’. Not only exceptional at mining, but also in blacksmith skills from shaping weapons of war to common tools of the trade, such as pickaxes, hammers, and chisels. A hearty folk that have merry holiday celebrations at least once a month. Outsiders are not considered ‘trust worthy’, unless they were born in Twinsforde. The land is called as such because years ago, twin brothers forded a mighty river to reach this land in search of legendary treasures.

  4. The land of Ewrhorn.
    I had been thinking along the lines of a mining land as well, but Matthew took the “good” description 🙂
    My thought had been that they are miners/blacksmiths who forge metals and precious ores and make the weapons the soldiers and men of war use. There are two sides to Ewrhorn – the side that deals fairly and is judicious in their business dealings, and the side that runs the black market. The black market folks are the ones selling unique and deadly weapons to the “bad guys”
    The land of Ewrhorn has a myth surrounding it – that within the foothills near the sea, lies buried the ancient ruins of an extinct kingdom. Lore has it, that a mysterious copper horn disappeared along with the inhabitant of the kingdom, never to be seen again… but the keeper of the horn holds a great treasure.

    Ha! Do with that what you will!

    I had also thought the lands of Opali or Ophira would work for a country that deal specifically in the mining of precious gems and minerals.

  5. Bridgett says:

    Wow! great ideas, everyone! The only problem will be choosing. Keep them coming! I am really loving all the stories behind these countries. Thanks for participating, and God bless you.

  6. Drew C says:

    Youu might have to increase the amount of lands from 7 to 10 because these are great ideas. Here’s my “two” cents.

    Paradoxicon, Land of Riddles. Capital city: Enigmataur. A land where the inhabitants are shrouded in mystery as their name implies. The dwellers are universally known for their intelligence as well as the intricate puzzles they produce. The sciences are deeply engrained in daily life. This, however, can lead to pride and intellectualism denying the miraculous. Therefore, they are a closed people. Foreigners are treated as inferior and coldly.

    Despairia, Land of Darkness. Capital city: Darqar. The dwellers of the land find themselves enslaved to an unknown evil. Early in their history they had lived in exuberant bliss and great prosperity in all areas of life. However, some time ago, entrapped and seductively drawn away by a new leader who had ulterior motives. Now they are caught in endless cycle of uncertainty and fear.

    I hope you can work with these two lands to make your trilogy more scrumptious.

  7. Drew C says:

    I forgot to proofread before I posted. In the first description I forgot to add a comma after “intellectualism” and in the second a “they became” before “entrapped”. God bless and keep you all.

  8. Rebecca says:

    🙂 Finally got these posted. Have fun trying to decide…you have received some really good options from everyone. (Loved Kawan’s!)

    Lonancaer: Little Blackbird Fortress combination of Caerwyn (welsh/ Caer: Fortress Gwyn: White, Fair) and Lonan (irish/ Little Blackbird) *This does sound like a castle*

    Erebos Glenn/Glenn Erebos: A secluded nether darkness combination of Erebos (Greek mythology/ Nether Darkness) and Glenn (Scottish/ A secluded place)

    Eiriandorcha: Bright Darkness combination of Eirian (Welsh/ Bright & Beautiful) and Dorcha (Irish/ Dark)

    Eurwen Glenn/ Glenn Eurwen: A secluded gold/ A secluded blessing combination of Eurwen (Welsh/ Aur: gold Gwen: white, fair, blessed) and Glenn (Wlesh/ A secluded place)

  9. Wow, I really like the concept behind Paradoxicon you came up with Drew… super intriguing. It will be interested to see which concept Bridgett chooses.

    I was thinking, perhaps the new land could be a series of islands? Everything else sounds land-locked, from what you had described to me, so islands would add an element of mystery (not many have traveled there) and isolation.

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