Lost Words

Have you ever felt you just had nothing to say? Or, maybe, the thoughts in your heart were enormous, but you simply couldn’t put them into words?

“I’m at a loss for words,” is a phrase we hear so often, it has become cliché. Still, the loss of words can be frustrating, intimidating, or down right embarrassing.

Those who know me, are well aware that I can be quite long-winded, especially if I am passionate about a topic. It might surprise some, however, that, most of my life, I was painfully shy. As I discovered a few days ago, that hasn’t really changed. I still clam up when speaking with strangers.

While most of us have moments like that, for a writer (or blogger), being at a loss for words poses an even tougher challenge. After all, what is a writer without words?

For a few weeks, I’ve wondered where all my words were hiding. I would sit at my computer to compose a post and….nothing. I would close my eyes, listen to music, pray–all the things I could think of to spark inspiration. Still, nothing. I just had nothing to say.

This morning, one verse spoke loudly to my heart.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

What does that mean, though? Of course, I know God is God.

As I pondered those few words, which say so much, I began to see why God has chosen to remind me of them today.

Be still: There are times when I need to tell my tongue, pen, or fingers at the keyboard to stop. Just be still. And, there are times when they seem to recognize that need before my brain does. If I am doing all the talking, or writing, there is no time to hear anyone else’s voice.

Know: They say, knowledge is power. The Holy Spirit whispers inspiration, He doesn’t shout it. If my thoughts and words drown out His voice, I’ll miss the truest, best, most powerful words of all. His.

I am God: What is the source of my words? Who wrote them? Who wrote me? God is the original, the ultimate, creative thinker. He is the Author.

Only in being silent, can I know what He would have me say.

So, while this past few weeks of few words may have made my blog a rather less exciting place to visit, they were not a waste. In fact, words have been brewing all along…words to plot the sequel to my novel! But, that’s another story….

Lord, may I never become so buried in my own words that I fail to hear yours. When I feel I’ve lost my words, thank you for using that time to help me rediscover my voice, Your voice. In the name of your Living Word, Jesus, amen.

Have you ever found power or peace through saying nothing? 

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2 thoughts on “Lost Words

  1. Anders says:

    I have made a collection of epigrams from which I can find inspiration myself. I have presented the epigrams so that a script presents a random one, in other words so that God picks one. Find it on http://spots-of-light.blogspot.com.


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