Giveaway & Places to Celebrate

Okay, here it is – the giveaway you’ve been waiting for!

First, be sure to join Light’s Scribe’s party on Facebook. I’ll be around all day to celebrate with you! How do you join the party? Click here to access my Facebook page and do any of the following: send me a message to help celebrate: share and tag me in videos or links about God’s love, will to heal, and miracles: pass on the links to today’s and tomorrow’s posts: and anything else you can think of to praise God for His amazing blessings!

As mentioned in my post earlier today, (Light’s Scribe Celebrates…) your comments can win you a prize. What prize?

A gift set on healing.

These two items were published by Gloria Copeland. Her husband, Kenneth, is  the minister whose message led to a life-saving revelation: how to receive the miracle I so desperately needed.

Healing Confessions

by Gloria Copeland

Gloria reads scriptures that have been her basis for proclaiming God’s healing power and staying healed and whole. Includes CD with booklet to read along.


God’s Will for Your Healing

by Gloria Copeland

God’s Word shows believers how to let go of myths and misconceptions and receive the healing power of God.

To enter the drawing, just comment on anything i post February 21-22. Contest ends February 28.

Join the party and give God glory!


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