Warmth : #3 Jesus’ Light in Action

Ever wonder why we’ve picked one of the coldest months of the year to celebrate love?

I know the history behind Valentine’s Day, but I have another thought. The absence of sunlight produces an absence of warmth. Love’s light provides warmth.

As I was considering which function of natural light to explore for this month’s installment of “Jesus’ Light in Action,” a dilemma arose. Yes, God says He is Light, but He also says He is Love. Since this is February, shouldn’t I be focusing on that aspect of His nature instead? After all, His love is the whole point of our existence.

Then I remembered something I learned in Math class, around the time of the dinosaurs. If A = B, and A = C, then B = C. So, what does that have to do with any of this? Well, If God = Light, and God = Love, His love and His light are equally important and inseparable. In many ways, His love is His light.

And Light also warms.

In physics, the term for the warmth given off by natural light is thermal radiation. While reading past the scientific jargon in Wikipedia’s article on thermal radiation, I was impressed by the spiritual applications of several facts:

  • This type of heat transfer follows the same laws which govern visible light. We can think of it this way…God’s Light is a manifestation of His power, and His love is our source of warmth. The laws He has set to govern his power will never contradict His law of love.
  • Increasing the amount of illuminating light an object absorbs increases the warmth of the object. As we allow Jesus’ Light to live within our hearts, we receive the comfort only His love can bring. As we allow the light of His word to teach us the truth of His love, that warmth grows within us. We can walk in His peace and comfort despite life’s wintry blasts.
  • The more light (and warmth) an object absorbs, the more it will radiate to other objects. As we allow ourselves to receive more and more of God’s warming Light, we become more capable of sharing that warmth, that love, with others. We find ourselves more willing, and eventually eager, to extend love.

What can light’s warmth do for us?

Think of firelight, sunshine, medical and botanical heat lamps, and even surgical lasers. Light’s warmth comforts, soothes, relieves painful tension (in muscle or mind), promotes growth, strengthens, heals, and removes scars.

God’s Light does all that and much more. His Light, by the warmth of His Love, creates, sustains, and saves our lives….for eternity.

Does life feel like a cold, barren wither? Is the tension of it’s demands causing our minds and bodies pain? Do our hearts shiver in loneliness, especially on this day that celebrates couples in love?

Perhaps we need a little more Light.

Like the flowers, which will grow at the oddest angles to receive the life-giving warmth of the sun, let us turn our faces toward Jesus and grow in the warmth of His love.

Challenge: A valentine for Jesus

Comment to this post with a poem, message, phrase, story, or letter expressing you love for Jesus. (Your valentine could be featured in Friday’s post!)

Coming up: One week from today, Light’s Scribe is throwing a party! Check back next Tuesday to find out why, and you could win a prize.

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