Scribe’s Playlist — Call the Man

Does happily ever after feel about as possible for you as riding to work on a unicorn? The protagonist of my novel would agree with you. Until she discovered the author of our life’s story plotted a here-on-Earth happy ending for the Steptsister(s) and Beast(s), just as he did for the Cinderella(s) and Beauty(s).

I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

Call The Man

Recording Artist: Celine Dion

Note: Rather than posting the official music video, I chose this one, because the art reflects this weeks theme: The Fairy Tale Life

Key Lines: Go on, call the man 
                        Who deals in once upon a time
                        Maybe He can mend this broken heart of mine
                        Shine a light ahead
                        Now the future isn’t clear
                        Call the Man, He’s needed here.

My Inspiration: Picture a scene in a tiny hilltop cottage, standing alone outside of town. Through the bedroom window, you spot a young woman curled on her bed. Tears sparkle on her cheeks. It’s nearly noon, but she has no strength to rise. The shadows of an unsuspected enemy’s weapon press against the walls, seeking entrance. She has lost her health, her job, most of her friends, and – she’s just learned – must leave her home forever. Why? She has fallen victim to a curse and doesn’t even know it.

When writing that scene, I had “Call the Man” playing in the background to set the mood and help me stay tuned into Lyssanne’s thoughts.

What is this song saying to you?

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