Scribe’s Playlist — Every Move I Make

The Scribe’s Playlist is a series of posts in tribute to those minstrels whose music not only sparked ideas, mirrored characters, and set the mood for certain scenes in my novel, but also kept me motivated to finish it.

In keeping with this week’s theme – God cares about the little things – I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

Every Move I Make

Recording Artist: Jennifer Carrozza

Key lines:

Every step I take, I take in you.

You are my Way, Jesus.

Every breath I breathe, I breathe in You.

My Inspiration: 

As I’ve volunteered in the grade-school ministry at my church, I’ve been blessed to see God move through worship led by the voices of children. Teens and younger children make up 90% of the team leading the elementary-age kids in praise songs. One of the songs often sung during the worship service is “Every Move I Make.” To watch as over a hundred kids proclaim that God is directing every aspect of their lives…Wow! What an inspiration.

This is one of my prayers for my writing, my ministry, and my life…that every move I make is in Jesus, guided by His wisdom and performed to bring Him joy.  After all, my every breath is a gift from Him.


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fantasy novelist ~ picture book and short story author ~ freelance editor ~ writing coach

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