God Is In the Details

“I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord…”

When I hear those words from Jeremiah 29:11, I imagine this grand, sweeping vision of my life, God’s master plan for me. I try to picture this one great thing He wants me to accomplish.

But, He didn’t say “I know the plan I have for you,” He said “plans.”

God doesn’t just care about the big picture of our lives. He cares about all the tiny puzzle pieces too. And, only He knows how they all fit together or what they’ll look like when they finally do.

He has a plan for each day I live, each moment of that day. He knows what is important that I accomplish among all the “nothings” I tackle throughout my day. In fact, God pays greater attention to the details of my day than I do.

“You know when I sit down and when I get up.
You know my thoughts before I think them.” Psalm 139:2 (NCV)

Do you keep track of how many times you sit down or stand up? I know I don’t. But, the Bible says God notices those things.

Still, I often feel silly for praying about the little things… “Lord, will you slow down time or speed me up so I won’t be late?” or “Lord, please help me remember where I put my ____ .” or “Please let my hair look nice for this interview.” (okay, maybe that last one is only something we women would pray).

After all, there are certainly more important things I should be praying about – and I d0. So, why take up God’s time with the insignificant details?

The thing is, He’s already aware of those petty concerns, whether we voice them or not.

And, He knows what’s important to me.

“God even knows how many hairs are on your head.” Matthew 10:30 (NCV)

a strand of human hair

When I was sixteen, I started paying close attention to the number of hairs on my head.

While most of my friends agonized over which haircut to get or whether to go curly or straight, I just wanted to keep all those hairs on my head. Chronic pain and medication had teamed up to make those strands fall out by the double-handfull.  As my bald spot threatened to surpass my dad’s, I can promise you, I cared very much how many hairs I had left. But, even then, I couldn’t have told you how many strands I’d lost during a given shower, let alone how many were still attached.

But, God could.

And, all these years later, He has started giving them back to me! That’s just one small part of the healing He began in me in 2008. I often have the opportunity to share the miraculous way God healed me from chronic pain, but I rarely think of mentioning that He is also re-growing the hair I lost.

Now, I’ve decided to turn the familiar saying, “the devil’s in the details,” on its head. GOD is in the details.

I’m making it my goal each morning to ask God to shed His Light on what is most important to Him about my day. What is His plan for me each hour? Each moment? What does He know about someone else’s concerns, even the minor ones, which I may be able to help resolve?

Have you seen God act in the details of your life?


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2 thoughts on “God Is In the Details

  1. Donna says:

    Oh, he certainly has a sense of humor. I’ve seen it more than once in my life girl. Just last night, it was thunderstorming here and Emily couldn’t fall asleep…she came in to my bedroom wanting to sleep with me, she said “Mommy, I prayed and everything and I’m still scared”, I assured her that we were safe and that God always takes care of us. I sent her back to her bed, in tears…..knowing she was over-tired and would fall asleep once she just relaxed. Not :10 minutes later, I heard her running down the hall, she ran into my room and said “Guess what Mommy? God listened, he really did, I prayed again that the thunder would stop and it has, I can go to sleep now!!” She was so excited….and my heart just smiled. What a way to show his love for that baby then to hold the noise just long enough for her to fall asleep…….God is Good, all the time! Love you girl

  2. Sometimes we are too concerned with the details in our life that we forget that God is in control of everything. Sometimes we think we can do things our way but in the end, we still rush to God for help. Nice article.

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