Scribe’s Playlist — Be Thou My Vision

The Scribe’s Playlist is a series of posts in tribute to those minstrels whose music not only sparked ideas, mirrored characters, and set the mood for certain scenes in my novel, but also kept me motivated to finish it.

So, today, in keeping with this week’s theme of VISION, I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy…

Be Thou My Vision

Recording Artist: Eden’s Bridge

Lyrics: Attributed to St. Patric or Dallan Forgaill

Key lines:

Be thou my best thought in the day and the night,

Both waking and sleeping, thy presence my Light.


Great heart of my own heart, whatever befalls,

Still be thou my vision, O ruler of all.

My Inspiration: Every word!

For Lyssanne, the protagonist of my novel, this is a constant plea. She is accustomed to dealing with the challenges of limited natural vision. What she is not used to is having no clear vision for her future. When everything she has ever known is stripped away, she must rely on her King more than ever. She learns not only to seek Him for direction, but that He is the only vision she needs.

Lyssanne finds herself battling not just to save herself, but a people who rejected her. She realizes God is her protective armor, her weapon, and her strength.

From the novel: “Not only was the King her shield and His Light, his power, her weapon; He was the strength that would enable her to wield that weapon.”

From the song: “Oh raise thou me heavenward, Great power of my power.”

Finally, well…the music in this version just fits the time period and atmosphere of the novel perfectly! Hmm, I wonder if they’d consider optioning it for the soundtrack if the book ever becomes a movie. I know, I know, it has to be published first. Nothing wrong with having a grand vision!


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3 thoughts on “Scribe’s Playlist — Be Thou My Vision

  1. my wife seriously loves your web page and she wanted me to come and let you know how much she enjoys it.

    • Bridgett says:

      Thank you! And, please thank your wife for reading and for the kind words. I’m blessed to know she is enjoying this. I pray God will fill your lives and your marriage with all His best.

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