Scribe’s Playlist — Oh Holy Night

Though this series of posts normally features music which inspired me along the journey of writing my novel, today I’m sharing something different. This song has no bearing on the novel, but is my favorite Christmas song. I invite you to share my headphones for a moment and enjoy… 

Oh Holy Night  

Recording artist: Celine Dion

My Inspiration: This is one of the most reverent and worshipful celebrations of the night God’s Light first inhabited human form. If we really think about it, Jesus was the first person to truly carry God’s light. He was the first “lantern”. And, unlike we who are born again into His image, He was perfect. He had no cracks, dents, rust, or soot — all the things which make us feel unworthy or incapable of shining for God.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Light of the World, as we see all the man-made lights decorating our homes and cities, help us to remember the true Light, which You gave us that holy night long ago. Please help us to live as reflections of You in the coming year. I long to give to others, as You have given to me — all my best and all my love. Thank You for your greatest gift. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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2 thoughts on “Scribe’s Playlist — Oh Holy Night

  1. […] Scribe’s Playlist – Oh Holy Night ( […]

    • Bridgett says:

      Special thanks to Kevin Nunez for a link to this post on his blog entry, which details the history of this inspiring song. God bless you, Kevin, and Merry Christmas!

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