Shining in the Shade 2/Giveaway

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Where are they now? 


Mere months after meeting Brian, Sarah knelt in prayer on behalf of a friend. When she spoke her friend’s name, she truly spoke. Her voice was miraculously restored to full strength.

Throughout the years which followed, Sarah’s faith, warm heart, and loving smile have been an inspiration to many. Her family and Brian’s remained close in heart, though many miles, months, or years might lie between them. They crossed those miles several times to visit and share the love God had forged between them. Once, Sarah journeyed as far as Minnesota to take part in a milestone celebration in Brian’s life.

Sarah recently became a great-grandmother and is living happily with her family, cancer-free.


Two years after meeting Sarah, Brian became a member of his junior high’s jazz band and was assigned the task of creating a stage name. Ever since, he has been known as “Snowman”. His choice transformed a nickname meant to be cruel into a persona and marketing tool classmates and future colleagues could only consider cool.

The little boy became a man, father of two children of his own. But, Brian never forgot his special friend, Sarah, or the joy they’d shared in that press box. Through her, he learned that God can turn the most undesirable of circumstances into an opportunity to shine.

Brian continues to hold his heart open to receive and reflect God’s light. A professional saxophonist, recording artist, studio engineer, record producer, and professor, he ministers to the hearts and spirits of many through music.


As a tribute to the joy God restored in Brian’s and Sarah’s hearts that summer afternoon in 1985, a drawing will be held for a free copy of Brian’s live cd.

To enter, share a story of how God transformed an undesirable situation into an opportunity to shine through you or someone you know. How did He cause “…all things to work together for good to those who love God”? — Romans 8:28 (NASB)

Simply type your story as a comment to this post or go to About the Scribe/Contact on the blog menu and paste it into the form. Be sure to include your e-mail address.

Deadline for entries is December 10, 2011. The names of all who submit stories will be entered into the drawing. Winner to be officially announced December 15. You’ll receive your cd in time for Christmas!

Are you shining in the shade?


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2 thoughts on “Shining in the Shade 2/Giveaway

  1. Suzie Eller says:

    Your first comment! Keep refining. Keep making this site your own.

  2. […] situation into a chance to shine. The tale of Brian and Sarah (found here), which sparked this contest, received several comments here and on Facebook. But, no one responded with a story all their […]

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